Mentally trying moment of our life

Mental Health during covid-19

COVID-19 has taken many lives around the world. Everybody is taking precaution for physical well-being. But most of us are either ignoring or not knowing about the psychological impacts that it is living in our society. Around 300 million people suffer from panic and anxiety because of the lockdown measures and the illness itself. 

Millions of people will suffer from depression, stress which is by far worst in decades. Here are some tips to face emotional and psychological breakdown for COVID-19:

  • Give yourself sometime to reflect on what you are feeling and how you are reacting to any uncertainties and fear.  
  • Maintain your day to day normal activities and follow a routine with physical exercise
  • Don’t pay attention to negative reports and always look for valid news.
  • Keep your mind clam by doing daily prayers and other rituals.
  • If you feel overwhelming stress and depression reach out to family, friends and professional help. 

Hope it the best way to cope up with the situation. Always remember bad time dose not last forever. 

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